Kota Blue Limestone

The neutrality and balance represented by grey is soothing to the eyes, and creates a seamless harmony between different elements of a space.

Grey is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use of natural stone. It’s a neutral colour that lends itself beautifully to accents by decor.

Finishes for Natural Split Stone

Leaving the natural essence to the stone by only smoothening the sides


A soft 45 degree edge finish, done to smoothen an otherwise sharp edge


A rounded edge giving a smooth feel


An irregular edge creating a more natural look

The hard-wearing properties of natural stone when combined with anti-slip finishes, makes it an ideal choice for gardens and decks.
A signature wall in natural stone assures interesting textures, colours and durability for outdoor use.
Kadappa Black

A timeless choice for luxury and sophistication

Nagalooty Grey

A soothing colour that adds calmness to a space.

Tandur Grey

A classic colour for spaces that offers a free palette for more additions.