Navigating the journey of entryways and facades as a preview to a space

A building’s façade is virtually a preview to what lies inside. It’s the first thing a person lays eyes on, and naturally you would want to make a strong first impression. Attractive exteriors are sure to up the curb appeal of a space. Hard landscaping options like gardens, patios and driveways are a great way to create a great aesthetic appeal and natural stone can play a big role in achieving visual interest, as well as tick the boxes on durability and other functionalities like non-slip textures.

Driveways and Pathways
A driveway not only needs high visual appeal but also durability, since it’s subjected to harsh weathering and vehicular traffic. Natural stone is a great option for driveways for several reasons. It is one of the most hard-wearing materials that can withstand pressure and persistent usage. The colours, textures and patterns of natural stone blend well with the outdoors, creating a connectedness with nature. Lastly, natural stone can be treated with different finishes to add aesthetic changes and functionality – example, sandblasting to create a non-skid surface.

Gardens and Patios
While manicured green gardens with a variety of plants adds great visual appeal to a space, a well planned hard-landscaped addition ensures that you can seamlessly integrate nature with comfort. The use of natural stone in gardens and patios is a staple for easy blending with nature, and unique texturing to amplify the outdoor appeal. Natural stone options feature an extensive range of colours, patterns and inherent textures that create a truly inviting environment for outdoor living.

Swimming Pools
Many home owners choose to have the swimming pool in the front of the house to create a sense of luxury. It’s a veritable personal retreat to unwind and relax. The use of natural stone on the floor of the swimming pool and areas around adds both visual and functional advantages. Stones are less porous and can withstand the use of water for a long duration without wear and tear. High flexural strength and durability are the key factors why natural stone is a preferred material for this part of the house. Additionally, the non-slip finishes and inherent properties add to the safety.

The façade of a home could include a statement wall, cladding or steps that lead to the main door. Many home-owners choose natural stone to create a striking façade for several reasons, hinged both on durability and aesthetic appeal. Natural stones are largely heat and water resistant compared to other materials, and are extremely durable, making a perfect fit for outdoor usage. The colour variations, natural grains and veins make the space stunningly beautiful with an instant connection to nature.

Bring alive the entry to your house with the use of natural stone enhance the functionality and beauty of outdoor spaces.