Create a Conscious

The story of the creation of earth is one of immense adventure. It includes millions of enduring years of nature’s artistry in the formation of natural materials, especially stone.

The igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic creations that you look at today, would have journeyed through 300-500 million years

Think of it as a masterpiece of nature which took millions of years of rigorous craftsmanship. Stones formed during the Cambrian age, over 500 million years ago, still offer a diverse variety for us to integrate into an eco-conscious lifestyle by staying connected to nature.
Natural stone has had an enduring relationship with humans since time immemorial. Being an ecofriendly and low-impact material, natural stone is the perfect ally for an eco-luxe lifestyle where sustainable choices are the beating heart of daily life.

The creation of a standout stone feature is a journey in itself. Sun loungers, garden benches, pebble seats, original figures or window sills are the result of an artistic design vision and detailing.

We understand these well, and know which stones can be shaped to exacting design needs. Passionate about elevating spaces with signature features, we are happy to realise your creative vision with the help of high-end CNC-operated machines. These are ideal for straight and radius cutting with precision edge detailing. We have state-of-the-art machinery, and are constantly investing in our production infrastructure to enable us to increase our capacity and quality. Expert operators and innovative machinery combine to provide bespoke solutions, finished to the specifications of the client.