Technical expertise with quality at the core

The LivingStone technical team comprises of stone technologists, civil engineers, structural engineers and highly-skilled masons, to deliver a large variety of excellent finished stones for any architectural need.

Our in-depth understanding of natural stone with technical expertise and sophisticated machinery gives us the edge in supplying prestigious projects, which require impeccable quality.

Expansive Capacity

We achieve exacting results for cutting, calibration and innovative finishes at a large scale.


sqm per annum

Total sawing


sqm per annum

Total calibration


Our decades of expertise and skill to identify the perfect pit or wall of a quarry is the first step towards delivering high-quality stones. We extract more than 30,000 million tons cubic meter of raw material from our own and partner quarries in India.

Our mechanical mining methods ensure environment-friendly quarrying practice with minimum resource wastage to extract stone. Mining is done by pre-identifying pits or walls to minimize the scope of variation in color and uniformity so that the post quarrying processes are hassle-free. Control sampling helps keep a check on each extraction for the desired specifications. The quarrying is done in line with all government regulations and guidelines of respective departmental regulatory authorities.


Both hand-split and sawn products of LivingStone contribute to the design aesthetics of the final project. Precision is key to this process.

To ensure that there is accuracy in size and thickness, we use modern block processing machines and multi-cutters. Dimensional integrity is the basis of easy installation and maintenance, and we ensure that quality slabs are delivered for that purpose with the help of laser-guided machines where 90-degree cuts can be achieved with a minimal diagonal variation. Skilled masons take the onus on hand-splitting natural stone, that has an inherent beautiful variation. Even for this, there are quality standards in place so the delivery is consistent with the project specifications.


The finishing process fortifies the aesthetics, durability and the functionality of natural stone, and can make it look vastly different from what it was quarried as. It’s the finishing that gives the stone an artistic accent. This is where our creativity and delivering to the imagination of the client takes centre stage. Single or multiple finishes like Sand Blasting, Water Blasting, Tumbling and Flaming are done to create characterful looks for varied needs. Automatic high-end machines for speedy production of world-class finishes as per the highest international standards are the cornerstone of our business.


LivingStone has pioneered eco-friendly fumigation in the stone industry by introducing heat-treated crates.

Over the years, we have minimized the use of Styrofoam sheets, to achieve our sustainability targets. Each packed product is marked as per client specifications and photographed. Stringent measures ensure that the slabs reach safely from the factory to the sites.

Real-time Communication

We enforce on communicating progress and quality checks to our customers through a sound reporting system.

This comprises photographing natural stone slabs at every stage, having a check-list of quality parameters that need to pass in order to anticipate and rectify issues at different junctures. This integral communication is the backbone of a relationship that is built on transparency and efficiency.