A sedimentary rock created after centuries of mineral deposits of calcite and aragonite, limestone is one of the most stable natural stones for construction.

It is an extraordinary material for visual interest and sturdiness. High strength, resistance to corrosion, non-slip properties and versatility makes LimeStone an excellent choice for construction and restoration.

Physical Properties

LimeStone is largely impervious, hard and compact, with great strength.

  • High density
  • High compressive strength
  • Low porosity
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions

LimeStone is easily adaptable to varied usages in construction. Floor tiles, stair treads, roofing, window sills, paving and decorative applications are some of the common usages of the natural stone. It can be used to complement other building materials as well.

Kota Blue

Warm and nurturing with a soothing touch

Kadappa Black

A timeless choice for luxury and sophistication

Nagalooty Grey

The Nagalooty Grey is a great transitional colour for a space

Tandur Grey

An uncluttered colour, Tandur Grey is a classic choice

A signature wall in natural stone assures interesting textures, colours and durability for outdoor use.
The hard-wearing properties of natural stone when combined with anti-slip finishes, makes it an ideal choice for gardens and decks.