Significantly hard and durable, granite is an igneous rock formed by the solidification of magma deep below the earth’s surface.

It is composed of coarse-grained quartz and feldspars in varying proportions, which are also responsible for the colour of the stone. Given the toughness of granite and its resistance to varied weather, its application is ideal for both outdoor and indoor construction. Polished granite tiles and slabs are often used as countertops, tile floors and stair treads.

Physical Properties

Granite offers interlocking textures and a variety of appealing colours and a surface that responds well to polish.

  • Average density of granite lies between 2.65 and 2.75 g/cm3
  • Specific gravity between 2.63 to 2.75
  • Compressive strength lies above 200 MPa
  • Low on porosity
  • High crushing strength

Granite is an excellent building material that lends itself to outstanding interior and exterior design opportunities whilst being incredibly sturdy and reliable. It is often used for kitchen surfaces, tiling, paving and decorative features. The natural designs and colours offer visual enhancement.


Leads the trend with its natural black beauty and elegance.

The hard-wearing properties of natural stone when combined with anti-slip finishes, makes it an ideal choice for gardens and patios.