Making innovative design stories come alive

The advent of modern technologies and materials in architecture has fundamentally changed the way buildings are constructed and lived in. This is particularly relevant where the use of natural stone in construction is concerned, whether it is used for cladding, in driveways, hard landscaping, flooring, innovative facade finishes or even creating statement pieces in homes. Nowadays natural stone has become a trending product in architecture and design, leading to a boom in its use and innovative applications. Making a creative vision come alive can be hinged on several things – characteristics of stone, functionality and aesthetic appeal. We explore these below:

Characteristics of natural stone
The density, porosity, permeability and absorption are the key characteristics of natural stone that are assessed for suitable usage. Fortunately, natural stone fares well on all these factors, making it one of the most durable materials for building. The resistant to water and harsh weathering is another reason why natural stone can bring practical advantages to overall aesthetics in the creative vision. This is one of the most hard-wearing materials that lasts long, and need low maintenance. The timelessness leans both towards practical features as well as great visual appearance.

Aesthetic appeal of natural stone
Natural stone is composed of minerals that have gone under millions of years of heat and pressure to give its current appearance. One of the most attractive features of natural stone is the inherent colour, textures and patterns, which can be further enhanced by topical finishes. Use of different colours and variety in a variety of spaces in the home can add invaluable visual interest. Use of natural stone in driveways, swimming pools, facades, steps, interiors and a number of other places makes it versatile as well.

Both the characteristics and aesthetic features of natural stone add up to make the material more functional. One of the major advantages of using stone is that there is no other material that is as strong, durable, and weather resistant as stone. Normal weather events that would cause wear and tear on other types of materials, barely have an impact on stone. Stone does not bend warp, splinter, dent, or swell when used for flooring or cladding. If you move furniture on it, it’s likely not to get scratched or disfigured. Families with children or pets often find it easy to maintain as dust, pet hair, and dirt from shoes are simple to clean on a natural stone surfaces. The durability of stone makes it long-lasting, creating a sense of timelessness in the way it looks. Natural stone is extremely versatile and can blend well with other construction materials.

Natural stone is crafted as a practical and visually stunning material, which is safe, sustainable, and durable, fitting seamlessly into the creative vision of modern buildings. It is evident that the eco-credentials of natural building stones are more than other materials. Natural stone creations offer good opportunities for contributing to a sustainable architecture.